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I am
Vincent Sajkowski
Let's make something amazing.
My latest projects
I'm always looking for new things to create, modify, or learn from.
Whether it will be to solve a problem, speed up work, entertain, or more.
My Experience
I have experience in many technologies, coding languages, software, and more.
I'm always ready to learn something new and integrate it into my apps as I build them.
After lots of brainstorming, I completed what was actually one of the first Swift playgrounds I've ever done. I typically enjoy creating a blank iOS app and building from there, but knowing that WWDC was on the table, I was more excited than ever to work in the playground environment. After submitting my project, I received an email that I was not expecting: My swift playground was one of the selected playgrounds!
I couldn't have been happier, the whole process was an incredibly fun and rewarding journey.
If you're interested, check out my writing about it and the source code here.
I also was at WWDC23! I was very grateful to be invited here, I made tons of awesome friends, and got to meet some really awesome people.
Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

Be sure to check out some of my work linked on this page, such as the various apps.