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myRanney, built for you
yourRanney uses your already existing myRanney account, and extends it to greater lengths. Now there is a fully native UI to check your schedule, assignments, classes, and more. Upload assignments instantly with the built-in PDF scanner, or mark a lunch item as favorite to know when your favorite food's gonna be there!

Stay ahead of the game with assignment notifications. You can know what's due, when work has been assigned, and more. Oftentimes, you can know exactly what you're going to be doing in class before the class period has even started.

Anxious about the results of that one math test? yourRanney will let you know exactly when that grade is released, so you can check it as soon as possible! Submitted homework late? yourRanney will let you know that your grade was changed too.

If you don't know what time class ends, or you need a message when there's 5 minutes left to pack up, yourRanney can notify you. If you're having trouble learning your schedule, yourRanney is the perfect mentor for that.

Interested in this app from outside of Ranney? Does your school also use myschoolapp for its school website? Contact me!

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